Sale of tickets for Euro 2012

Tickets for Euro 2012Sale of tickets for Euro 2012 in Donetsk «Donbass Arena» and the city of Kharkov «Metalist».

In Donetsk, has tickets for all matches, and different price categories (Category 1, Category 2, Category 3).

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Group, the group (D) Donetsk:
June 11: France — England

June 15: Ukraine — United Kingdom

June 19: France — Ukraine

Quarter-final 1/4 Donetsk:

WC — RD (W27)

Semi-final 1/2 Donetsk:

W25 — W27


WC — Winner the group (C)

W25 — Winner (WA — RB)

WA — Winner the group (A)

RB — 2nd group (B)

RD — 2nd group (D)

In Kharkov, tickets only 3rd price category, the group (B):

June 9: Netherlands — Denmark

June 13: Netherlands — Germany

June 17: Portugal — Netherlands

Tickets are now only in electronic form. UEFA will distribute tickets to fans on hand for 4-6weeks before the start of Euro 2012 tournament. The beginning of the tournament June 8, 2012.

All tickets for Euro 2012 were purchased on the official website and available inlimited quantities.

What is the price categories and where they are located at the stadium?

Tickets for Euro 2012

Group tournament Euro 2012:

Tickets for Euro 2012

The stadium in Donetsk — «Donbass Arena»:

Tickets for Euro 2012

Tickets for Euro 2012

The stadium in Kharkiv — «Metalist»:

Tickets for Euro 2012

Tickets for Euro 2012